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You put your house on the market to sell during the hottest of hottest seller’s market in Coastal Virginia.  And unlike your neighbor’s house your house is still on the market.  You just do not understand why.  Your home is an exact copy of your neighbor’s.  You must drop the price within weeks trying to gain attention.  You believed it’s a seller’s market so your home will sell itself.  What does your neighbor have that you do not have?  Your neighbors had their home staged by a professional stager.

Seller’s Market:  A seller’s market is when demands for houses are higher than the supply of houses.  During a seller’s market there can be bidding wars.  A seller’s market is one of the life cycles of real estate.  The other cycles are buyer’s market, up markets, and down markets. Home staging is a necessity for each one of the cycles. A seller’s market maybe good time to cash in on the equity you have built up in your home.  Coastal Virginia definitely have a housing storage during the last half of 2020.  Though it is a seller’s market it does not mean your house can sell itself.  That’s right, even in the hottest of hottest markets home staging is necessary.

Staging Facts: Staged homes sell for an average of 5-23% over list price. Also, staged homes sell up to 30 times faster than unstaged homes.  What homes need to be stage during a hot market?  The same homes that needs to be staged during a buyer’s market.  Barbara Corcoran states, “Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market. It’s what will make the difference in whether yourhome sells or not.”  For best results for luxury homes staging should be used.  Homes have sold from $52, 000 – $72, 000 over asking prices.   Also outdated and vacant homes can benefit from home staging.
So why stage a home during a seller’s market?  Here are some good reasons why staging is necessary:

Homes staged by staging professionals sell for an average of 17 % more than non-staged homes released

Home sells in Coastal Virginia is up 33% compared to September 2019 reports Homes Sales Report released by Virginia REALTORS®
40% realtors say that stage homes fetch higher offers than unstaged homes

Luxury homes needs to be staged to give potential buyers the feel that they are getting a value for the price of the property.

Staging an outdated home Is a must so potential buyers can visualize their belongings will work with the existing finishes.

So recapping, just because we are in a seller’s market, it does not mean you skip out on staging your home.  Chances are you need staging to sell your home not only fast but also for more money.  So do not leave money on the table by not staging your home.

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